WELCOME TO Łutsël K’é,
GATEWAY TO Thaidene Nëné



Your host Ron Desjarlais is a Łutsël K’é Dene First Nations person raised in the traditional lifestyle of his people, with the East Arm of Great Slave Lake as his back yard.

His expertise on the land and water, combined with his understanding of the local wildlife, make his tours exceptional.

Winter Packages

Ben Weiland/NWT Tourism

Ice Fishing

Take a two to four-hour trip on the ice around Łutsël K’é learning the art of ice fishing from Ron.

For more information about the package, including available winter dates, contact Ron using the button below.

$200 per person.

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Summer Packages

Business Traveller B&B

Perfect for the business traveller in Łutsël K’é who has limited time but would like to experience more of the East Arm. Book your business stay with Ron’s B&B for 1 night and receive a 2-hour excursion on the water to fish, go sightseeing, or wildlife viewing.

$150 per person.

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Day Trip

Offered on Wednesdays and Fridays during the season. You are met at the airport and transferred to the dock for your fishing charter and a delicious island-based shore lunch. You are taken back to Łutsël K’é for 3:00 p.m. to catch your flight back to Yellowknife.

$300 per person. 

Guests arrange transportation to and from Łutsël K’é.

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Pat Kane/East Arm Pop-Up Camp

Weekend Adventure

Offered Friday-Sunday during the season. You are met in Yellowknife by Ron and transferred by boat to your campsite on a private island across Great Slave Lake.

On the way, you’ll overnight at Utsingi Point, where you’ll be treated to a fresh fish dinner and storytelling about the traditional Dene way of life.

On Saturday, following breakfast and arrival at your destination, the group can choose wildlife viewing, fishing, or visiting a beautiful beach (or all three!) before returning to camp. Learn how to fillet a fish! 

On Sunday, following breakfast, the group returns to Łutsël K’é for a town tour, hiking to a scenic site, and shopping for arts and crafts from local residents. You return to Yellowknife by air on Sunday afternoon.

$1,200 per person. SPECIAL OFFER: $899 per person if you book before the end of September 2020 to travel in summer 2021!
Guests arrange transportation by aircraft from Łutsël K’é to Yellowknife, at their own cost.

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Get a Taste 

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    About Thaidene Nëné

    Thaidene Nëné is the homeland of the Łutsël K’é Dene, whose ancestors laid down the sacred, ethical and practical foundations of the Denesoline way of life.

    The protected area spans more than 26,000 square kilometres at the transition between boreal forest and tundra in northern Canada, including the East Arm of Tu Nedhé (Great Slave Lake), which is the deepest freshwater source in North America.

    Thaidene Nëné provides a habitat for grizzly bears, wolves, moose, and muskox, and the critical winter ground for the last herds of barren ground caribou.

    Read more about Thaidene Nëné at the Land of Our Ancestors website.

    Visit: Land of Our Ancestors

    Map courtesy of Land of Our Ancestors.